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Writing Idea: Design an apartment complex for superheroes

Creative Functional

Language Arts

Age Group: 
Middle Grades 

epic, adventure, superheroes, design, creative thinking 

Idea Explanation:
Students would have to think about design while focussing on using alternative materials and bizarre spaces to deal with superheroes. This pushes them to think creatively and problem-solve in a way that connects to fiction. Oh, who am I kidding? The real fun here is in designing a world for superheroes. 

Vocabulary Explanation:
design: create, make
accommodate: meet the needs of someone 
apartment complex: a group of apartments

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I want to see kids embrace creativity. As a teacher, this meant murals, documentaries, STEM camps, and coding projects. As a dad, this has meant elaborate pillow forts and home-made pinball machines. This is why I co-wrote Wendell the World's Worst Wizard and co-founded Write About. I am convinced that design thinking can thrive in every content area, which is why I am launching the free design thinking course this summer.

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