1. Mr. Spencer,
    My name is Kaitlyn Parker. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I think people have the privilege to like a certain brand of technology more then another because everyone is entitled to their own preference. I also think that each brand has their own positives and negatives and is better or worse then another in different categories. One is not better then the other so it is helpful, especially in a classroom as a teacher, to be open to different ones and be able to use the technology and utilize the best you can in your classroom.

  2. Hi Kaitlyn,

    I think you will find that John agrees with you if you read his post again. What he's suggesting we all do, regardless of the tech we love, is to be thoughtful about what is 'behind' the user interface and what agendas these companies might have. Check out this old but sage article "In the Beginning was the Command Line" by Neal Stephenson: http://artlung.com/smorgasborg/C_R_Y_P_T_O_N_O_M_I_C_O_N.shtml

    Sarah (@Edustrategies)


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