What Can We Do When We Finish The Test?

At the end of the day, I reminded my students that the state testing starts next week.

"Can we read a book when we're done with the AIMS?"

"Sorry, but they won't let you do that."

"Can we talk quietly?"

"Sorry, but they won't let you do that."

"Can we draw?"

"Sorry, but they won't let you do that."

"Can we blog?"

"Sorry, but they won't let you do that."

"Can we think?"

"Sorry, but they won't let you do that."

I didn't mean to say it. It just sort-of slipped out. But looking back on it, I think I was telling the truth.
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  1. Great post. Keep on doing what you can to make standardized testing look stupid. Check my summary of "The Myths of Standardized Testing" at http://bit.ly/lJLUNR if you haven't yet.

  2. My 8th grade son told me that the teachers are considering letting students read if they finish a test early this year. For both my sons, this is what they dread the most - just. sitting. there. for. a. long. time. No longer are teachers trusted to identify students who rush through a test just go do something else when they are finished. That must take extra training or something... #snark.

  3. I remember taking standardized tests and having to just sit there afterwards. It was horrible, and I really dreaded testing days. I loved this post! I couldn't help but snicker at the truth of it!


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