1. I feel funny even writing this, seeing as how I'm not a "real author" in my mind.

  2. I've always approached blogging and social media differently than I approached something like a novel or even an essay and the major reason I've been able to take a different approach is that I had a lot of experience with "on the spot" writing when I was in college writing for the student newspaper as a reporter and (mostly) as a columnist. Having to give 1000 words to someone every week for the better part of four years put me in a different head space than when I would be typing out a manuscript or doing the third draft of an essay that I wasn't sure was ever going to be published.

    In the world of on-demand publishing/feedback that is social media, it's hard to remember that much of the entertainment that we value, even the written word, took time to create and craft.

    1. I think that's what I'm realizing. I might spend two hours revising three paragraphs. I'm not used to play around that much with word choice. And I'm not used the the end result not looking that much better initially.


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