1. For setting and getting goals, you may want to check out a goal setting app called GoalsOnTrack, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It's clear, focused, easy to navigate.

  2. This is a great read. For me, it was one of those: "My God... this person and I have truly walked some of the same paths," moments. My four years as a generalist instructional coach in a high school were crucial to who I am as a professional today. I'm a better instructional specialist in the area of technology, specifically. I'm a better teacher.

    I'm with you on all of these. It's pretty clear that the coaching philosophy here and there are pretty well aligned. That's really interesting. What were your influences/models? Who did you read/study/bring in to consult?

    1. I was influenced by Gusky, by Cognitive Coaching and, honestly, by people who mentored me.


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