1. You and I are on the same page my friend. I just spent a few days having student look at Satire by finding articles on The Onion and watching episodes of The Simpsons. We did all of this to prepare for Huck Finn. Being able to joke in a structured environment is important. Learning should be fun and silly at times. How often do students remember the lessons created by the straight laced Ben Stein teachers. Humor can be the gateway into a student's mind.

  2. Dear Nicholas,
    Thanks for the kind words! I love the use of humor and satire that you've used on your blog. I dig that idea of starting with satire in teaching Huck Finn. Great idea.

  3. My son's AP English III post-Huck assignment was to find 10 puns and explain them. I've had several of his teachers tell me that he's got a great sense of humor, so this ought to be the perfect task for him. Thanks, as always, for your insight; there's nothing better than a good belly laugh!!

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  4. Oh, how I love this post-- and here's why.

    Thanks for providing an intellectual context for spontaneous events in my classroom.


  5. Hey, John! I've been away too long. Your post is insightful as always! Humor does so much to make students feel comfortable as well as benefiting them educationally. Thanks for honing in on all the finer points for us!

  6. If your students are not at least smiling then they are most likely tuned out, that's what I believe. You should see how kindergarten students here in China learn English faster when the teacher is being funny and playful during class.

    Great article! Very insightful!

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